What are the criteria for removing our college-age student from our Auto Policy while they are away at school?

Young adult drivers can be expensive to insure. We have a lot of calls from parents wondering when they can remove their college-age child from their policy. Typically, students must be attending college more than 100 miles from home without a car on campus to qualify. While removing your student can decrease your rates by as much as $1000, take into account these suggestions when making your decision.

Breaks: Your student will need to be added back to the policy when home for winter and summer breaks.

Driving other vehicles: Your student should not drive a friend’s car while away at school as the friend’s auto policy may lack adequate coverage for your student and anyone else if an accident occurs.

So, when should we remove our young adult children from our policy? The three important things to consider are: residence, ownership and vehicle usage. Young adults should get a separate policy when they permanently live outside their parent’s home. In some cases, their new zip code could yield lower rates. It is also important that the vehicle be titled in the young adult’s name, ie parents have no interest in the car. Lastly, parents are no longer driving the young adult’s car themselves.