How do I include specific items of jewelry, artwork, collectibles or furs on my homeowner’s policy?

Listing items such as jewelry, artwork or furs separately on your homeowner’s policy is called scheduling. It is quite easy to do, affordable and ensures your items are protected beyond your personal property insurance. While homeowner’s insurance covers personal property, coverage is limited for rare or expensive items like jewelry, art and furs unless they are scheduled.

Personal property insurance covers your general household items; however, items like jewelry, furs, fine art, firearms, collectibles need to be scheduled because there typically is a $1500 policy limit for these types of items. For example, if you own $3000 worth of unscheduled jewelry, you may only have coverage up to $1500, and property deductibles apply.

Start by making a list of the items you want to schedule. Write up a detailed description of each item and set a value. If you already have current appraisals, make copies and forward them to us to be added to your homeowner’s policy. Scheduling with us provides broader coverage of your items including theft, the loss of a gemstone or the loss of the item itself, with no deductible. And, separately listing $5,000 of jewelry usually costs less than $40 a year.

Check your policy declarations page for scheduled items or call us at St. Joseph Agency at 317.564.4949 and we can help you ensure your jewelry, art and furs are protected.